Glory B

Recollections of Better Days

As an antique collector, I love the fact that the word collections is embedded in recollections. When we sit around and remember days gone by, we are collecting memories. There is nothing better than sitting out on the front porch in the cool of the evening with a glass of Ice Tea and remembering treasured moments from your own childhood, the stories your parents told you, or memories of your children growing up.

Collecting antiques, is just the tangible expression of the same experience. People love antique furniture because it was built when things were built to last. Many people are enamored with rusty signs and rusty tools because that rust shows that they have survived and weathered the years. It’s a testimony to humanity’s enduring strength.

Whatever the reason you choose to collect memories, tangible or intangible, we at Glory B, want to help you connect with those better days. Times are tough right now, due to COVID-19. We would love for you to come by and tell us about a time when things were better. Do you have a memory you can share with us?

Governor Abbott and Mayor Pope have given the green light for small businesses to reopen on Friday, May 1st. We will be there at 10 AM, and would love for you to stop by and tell us one of your favorite memories from “the good ‘ole days.”

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